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Hello Everyone,

I have a problem with my brake lights, and a problem with my reverse lights. Firstly, I replaced all the light bulbs, (with the correct light bulbs) and I replaced 1 blown fuse. Thats as far as my mechanic abilitys go.

The problem is, the brake lights do not work at all, yet the indicator lights still work, and the problem with the reverse lights, passanger side works fine, but the drivers side does not. I tested both replacement bulbs in the working side. is it a wiring problem?

Thanks for all your help!

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You may want to get in touch with Ray Harwood, he's a fellow cougar nut and is a vendor. As luck would have it, he lives in Victoria and would probably be able to give you a hand in person.

There's also a healthy contingent of Cougar owners in Vancouver as well... Visit the fordnutz website for contact info:

Ray is a member on this site too...

With the brake lights, did you replace the switch? There's a switch connected to the upper part of the brake pedal, that's the most common point of failure in the brake lights.
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