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mMmMMMmmMmmmm... Body shops suck.

My cat has been stranded in a body shop for over 6 months now... Well, actually more like 7 seven now.

So I call to give him crap yesterday and get told, "I've got good news and bad news".

Oh greeeeeeeeaaaat, just what I want to hear..

So, he tells he had everything done, and decided he just wasn't happy with the job and KNEW I wouldn't be, so he has roughed it back up, bought more paint and clear and is going to try again.... At his cost...

I suppose I should shut up and stop *****ing eh? Thicker paint is a good thing. At least he didn't try to pass the buck and collect my cash for a less than perfect job.

Ugh. I'll be glad when the darn thing is back in MY domain where the only one I can yell at is my own lazy butt.... ;-)
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