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I have a 1976 cougar xr-7. The interior is in pretty good shape except for the drivers seat wich is worn. It is tan and dark brown leather. with dark brown carpet. I want to change it to white leather with black incerts instead of brown. I would need to do the front and back seats, the side panels and doors. the carpet I want to change to black, and also the headliner i want in black. Approximetly how much would it cost to do this?? It would include the reapolsture work, the materials etc. i can put it all back in my self to save some money, like putting the headliner, carpet, seats and side panels back in, oh and the leather around the instaments in white, and a vinyl padded half roof in white. I could paint the dash black so that would save me too. so does anyone have any idea on how much this would cost me??
The reason for changing the interior collor is i really dont like the collor it is now, and it wont math to well with the paint i am gettin, midnight metallic blue with possible ghost flames.

Thank you for your time and help.
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