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This is a picture of an OEM 67-68 kick panel.
How many holes are there?
Here is a better picture of a black OEM kick panel.
I count 1,099 holes.
There are 32 rows of holes.
The first 26 rows have 35 holes. 26 x 35 = 910
27th row has 34
28th 33
29th 32
30th 31
31st 30
32nd 29
910 + 189 = 1099

When I made mine, I wanted to have tools made. In the shop we had an NC Router and drill. We tried to write the program but the memory on the drill was limited. (400,000.00-dollar drill go figure!) We cut the program.

The guys on the brakes were even going to brake two pieces of 1/8 inch steel that would fit over the stiffening ribs.
Then I was going to get it heat treated (We had that too) and use it as a drill template.

When you consider the time involved on the NCs It wasn't practical. I ended up settling for this.
I have made 4 sets with this alum drill temp and it's held up pretty good.
The .089 holes are equally spaced in X and Y so this template is easy to use.
Do your research on drill bits for plastic.

I'm working on a set now for a 67.


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