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Ok Guys..I still have alot of used parts, so for you budget guys they are available..
For you guys that are Looking for NOS for your project or your restoration..Alot of parts just in.
Send me your part numbers, description of what you need and condition.
CCC is coming, I dont have the a reproduction department,or a work crew,but will have most of the parts til they run out, that you might be needing or have been looking for.Email me direct [email protected] or call 8438716140 eastern standard time.
Located Charleston,SC.
Hope to have a website soon to get some items out there.One man working crew so give me time to get back to you.
I received a deal,that I have waited for 9 years for and finally got the chance to bring some NOS part to the east coast side to be available.
NOS TRIM,wheel lip,rocker trim,valances,tail lights,headlight motors,grill parts,AM radio factory kits complete set up,headrest,clocks,dash parts,weather stripping,EMBLEMS,EMBLEMS,tilt steering,tilt steering with cruise control stem(used on these two steering wheels),wheel trim rings, hubcaps,valance lights,bumperettes,marker lights,fender trim,rear ext trim,trunk trim,used consoles,console parts. I do have some reproductions stuff,window gaskets,NOS STILL, outside mirrors,door hings,door handles,rear markers, Complete defroster kits, dash switches, relays,etc..SEND me your christmas list, write down what condition you need, and part number if you need me to look. I have a few of some,and less of others. Have a happy holiday guys..
rare one looks like a
gte headlight door used,but like new
door edge trim
handles inside
flip handles
tail light grills only..
Other stuff to come..
For 69 sport special rockers,door panels nos,NOS grill center nose,center nose emblem,mirrors right hand,convertible parts,emblems,hubcaps, am radio kits complete with antenna,knobs,radio plate,front speaker,clusters, XR7 ONES, eliminator part front spoiler,eliminator cluster covers,and passenger,trunk trim,hood trim,fender ext,rims,dash switches,rear back up lights,lens,marker lights and covers,and more

A used supply came in too, 69 fenders,rear extension and front, a few rare parts, ill check, send me the list..
Please be patient as Im just getting it in,and have a inventory,and Ill see what I can help you with.

70 ELIMINATOR grills pieces a couple of them,stripping,70 GRILL CENTER PIECE(NON XR7),
NEW intermident wiper kit.
I got some used radios,am/fm,and more
weather stripping, window felts,clocks and more..just ask..Ill get back to you.

Please only send me if your seriously looking for the parts please..some will go quicker than others.
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