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I found that the anchor 2370 motor mount ($10 at O'Reilly;s)

is a rubber isolated mount but has interlocking metal the will not permit the mount to separate. Ever had this happen? I have and it pulls the accelerator tight so you can't get off the gas!! The mount Looks very similar to $175 pair here

The anchor mount has large pressed rivets where the above has bolts and nuts. The spread on the frame mount was a little wide but pulled down tight with I torques the through bolts. They show up as 1972 Mustang Q code mounts.
There are two different numbers 2370 and 2371, but the 2371 has a wider bolt pattern to the block. I modified it to work since by elongating both bolt holes a bit. Next time I will use the 2370 for both sides.

BTW I used them on a 351 transplant to a 67. Still had to change the frame mounts to later model.
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