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If it isn't one thing it is another with my cat. I just finished the dreaded GT40P with headers spark plug and wires change (unbolted driver side header) , started up my cougar and it wouldn't idle without some carb tweaking.
I finally got my car to idle at around 900 rpm (pretty big camshaft) and it is now dripping fuel from the exhaust (RICH). I do not know how to tune carbeurators, nor do I have a vaccum guage to use right now. I am curious if my timing could be the culprit or if it is indeed the carb. I am in San Diego, at sea level and was wondering what metering rods, jets, springs etc.. I should use if I rebuild my carbeurator. Any advice. I am on a budget and need to get this car driving soon. Thanks in advance.

1968 J Code ST
1992 5.0
Tremec T-5
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