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I just purchased a few, and I need to know what I'm looking at since they're all different.

First off, one came with my car (although off the car). It has the running cat on the right of the word COUGAR, part number C7WB-65291A36-A. It also says "RH" at the top, so I assume this is for the passenger 1/4 panel.

One of the ones I purchased is identical to this one.

The second has the cat on the left, and is part number C7WB-95291A37-A, and says "LH" on the back. Driver's side quarter panel emblem, right? But the background plastic is ridged, whereas the other two R.H. side emblems are flat. What's up there?

The third is two parts. A frame (only) with the same part number as the second, and the word COUGAR (broken beyond the "R", but probably had a cat there), but with the background painted red metallic (red with metal flakes). Where is THIS from????

Finally, any instructions for restoring these things? It looks like I'd break the retaining holders, polish / paint the plastic, and then need to fabricate mounting pins.
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