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help identifying connection

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Hey all,
I installed a 4barrel carb on my 69cougar/351w engine/c6 transmission, there is this connection that goes from the old carb to the c6 transmission. but now i don't have any were to connect this to. it looks like it connects to the throttle similar to the throttle cable.

i dont know the name of it and what it does, any input would be appreciated as to what to do with it / where to connect it

thanks again.


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Thank you all for your input. yes im looking around for a carb that has a kickdown lever.
someone locally is selling their used EFI Holley at a discounted price, do you all think its worth it? i mean since im in need to get a carb anyways. do i make that upgrade?
also, alot of people ive been talking to have been actually changing from EFI to carb. i dont know what the deal is
that is the rod that allows you to drop a gear when you are wanting to pass someone on the interstate. I always called it the kickdown cable/linkage. I was able to find an appropriate hole on my carburetor throttle bracketand I put a bolt through it and double nutted (jammed the nuts together) to allow slop in the bolt for the linkage to pivot from the throttle linkage.
Once you have it hooked up, you can road test your drop down gear ability by stepping on the skinny cable. I had it where if I was cruising at 25mph in 3rd gear it would drop all the way down into 1st. Mostly it came in handy on the interstate when passing somebody.. but 3rd gear for me was turning 2600 rpm’s at 70 so I was already making good power at those speeds.

I recently swapped my fmx (crappyer version of c6) out for a Borg Warner T5 out of a 94 mustang. I got an old cast iron bell housing from eBay, a new billet flywheel, and went with a mechanical clutch linkage. I love it. I can really drive it now… shifting gears and making more power!
Best of luck!
MAN! thats exactly what i plan on doing. im looking to swap out that c6 to a t5. just need to go fish it out of the junk yard for about 100 bucks
How are you liking it so far? can you send me the link for bell housing that you got from ebay.
also, how was the swap? worth it or no?
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