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I am in the process of buying a 69 351 2V Cougar with 54,000 original miles. I also own a 94 Lincoln Mark VIII and the Cougar is nicer than the Mark could ever think about being. This Cougar looks brand new.

The only thing wrong with the car is the seal that keeps the vacuum on the headlight covers. (covers raise up about 15 minutes after the car has been cut off) My question is what do I need to fix it? I haven't looked at the seal or don't even know where it is located. Are there any catalogs you would recommend?
Thanks for the help.

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The problem you have is a slight leak somewhere in the vacuum system. It could be one of

- non-return valve not functioning
- leaking headlight switch
- leaking vacuum tank under the drivers side front fender
- leaking vacuum motor (slight leak)
- leaking on-off switch

With a slow leak it becomes a process of elimination

Start by plugging the vacuum line that runs to the tank under the drivers side fender. If the headlight doors still open then the leak is somewhere else and you will need a vacuum pump, vacuum diagram and shop manual to chase them down

As a temporary measutre you can release the springs on the bar that runs between the headlight doors. These coils cause the doors to open when there is a loss of vacuum

Good luck
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