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Looking to trade my 1969 XR7 Console for a 1967 "Mustang" Console. I am replacing the factory bench seat with buckets in the wife's 67 mustang convertible, and she wants a center console to go along with them.

The 69 console is for an automatic, and I am looking for a 67 4 speed console for the mustang, but will consider a automatic console also.

I have 5 classics I am restoring ahead of the 69 XR7, so I won't be needing the 69 console for sometime.

I figure some of you are probably like me, and have more than one classic in your stable, and hopefully would rather have a nice 69 cougar Console, than the 67 mustang console sitting in the corner collecting dust!

I am not looking to sell the 69 console at this point in time, since I will eventually need it for the XR7's resurrection. But currently, I'm just trying to keep the wife happy!!
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