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Over the weekend, my '70 XR7 Cougar began making a dinging and knocking sound. It wasn’t rhythmic like a rod or lifter and only did it when accelerating from a stop or when making left or right turns while accelerating, like from a stop sign. Crawled under it and began wiggling and shaking things to try to pin it down. Once I touched the balancer, I found the noise and the problem, (see attached). I did notice in the past couple of weeks that the timing would slip and it was beginning to run rough and resetting the timing with the mark on the balancer became impossible. It came off in two pieces without the use of a “puller”. New balancer from Summit Racing $109/free shipping, it should be on the door step today. Also, will install new front seal..
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<o:p>When you get home tonight, open the hood to your Cougar and thank the motor for not doing this to you. In dog years, the old girl would be about 294 years, I guess that this is almost like it broke a hip... :)</o:p>


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