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I bought one of the reproduction scoops awhile back and plan to use it sometime on one of my cougars. My problem is that I have seen a couple of them on cougars at car shows this year and with the molded in openings they don't look right.
I emailed someone awhile back and can't remember who, maybe royce peterson? about making a reproduction one look more like the original and opening up the openings. He gave me a detailed plan of how to do it with fiberglass work included. Do any of you have an idea how to do this?
I have a neighbor who probably has an extra factory scoop sitting around that I could borrow to look at when working over my reproduction scoop but was hoping some of you might have an idea how to do it or maybe you've already done it. I wish the TCCN site would do a how-to tech article on it!
Thanks in advance.....Keith
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