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One of the bigger auto swap meets in the midwest was sunday at nearby Riverport Amphitheatre. This is my second year to go, and as usual the chevy parts were everywhere.
I was actually suprised that there were a few cougar parts scattered throughout, but anything nice was overpriced and most parts weren't nice. I got there at six in the morning and walked around for four hours.
Since a few booths were late to set up in one particular area I figured I'd go back through there one more time before heading home........glad I did. Sitting there leaning against each other were a pair of 68 buckets with headrests! I've been looking for a nice pair of headrests to eventually use on my XR7G and these will be perfect for the job. I actually got the whole interior as a package at less a price than I paid for a pair of blemished headrests awhile back. Couldn't be happier.
I also bought a set of black door panels front and rear in really good shape, although I'm not sure they might be for a 69. The price was right so I took them.
Any of you guys go to any shows this past weekend?
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