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Ok,so I am gathering parts to upgrade the engine.So far my plan is.
1)performer intake for 2v heads
2)600cfm holly carb
3)double roller timing chain
4)This cam and lifter set
5)Car all ready has dual pipes with crossover and headers will be done next year.

So should I just go with a stock reman.water pump or would you recomend something else.Also do I need anything else with this cam/lifters like spring upgrades new pushrods.
Also while I am there should I just bite the bullet and have a valve job done right away also.
let me know your opinions,Thanks

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I have that basic cam grind in my '73 'BetaCat' and love it! Also with a 600cfm Holley vac sec carb, stock duals, stock 'CJ' 2700rpm converter in the C-6, and either 3.25s or 3.70 rear gears....

No spring upgrades are required with that cam since that is close to factory 351C-4V cam specs...

Water pump? Stock is fine!
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