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I got a call about this car and went and looked at it. Needs inner fenfer aprons all through engine compartment. Torque boxes definitely need to go as well. Drivers side lower quarter infront of the wheel wheel (not behind) has rusted right through and appears to be eatting away at the rocker structure.

Very straight car other than that. The vinyl roof is a redeux and it was poorly done and is totally shot now. Roof does not appear to be leaking and the console and interior (other than the seats) are in great shape.

It's an automatic car. He says the motor is a hopped up rebuild but looks pretty old and stock to me.

The guy is a super nice gentleman who also owns a couple super rare 67 Tbirds and just doesnt have time for this project. If anyone is interested in more details I can be available to go look more seriously at this. It is very hard to see underneath the vehicle due to underbrush and leaves built up but it looks to me like the floors are going to need to come out based on the cursory inspection I gave it.

Doesnt apepar to have ever had any major structural damage. Like I said very straight. Price is about fair market value imo. Runs like a bad ass according to the seller. Says he gets snakey in all 3 gears. I was unable to get an axle code off the door plate due to very shoddy repaint. was impossible to read without scrapping paint off.

This project looks liek more work than I am ready to dive into right now but again. happy to go look again if anyone is serious about this car. Feel free to msg me or email me.

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