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I posted an intake for sale that you guys may be interested in for current/upcoming restorations:

Here is a 4-barrel Ford Small Block J-Code 302 intake (pulled from a '68 Mercury Marauder) for someone's restoration. The intake is in used condition but should clean up nicely. There are no apparent chips in the casting. There is a dent in the steel pan riveted/dowelled to the underside of the intake. The buyer will likely find that this is not a concern and should be repairable at a decent cost. Part numbers are:

Part No.: C8ZE-9425-A
Date Code: 8C1 (I believe because it's hard to read; Cast on March 1, 1968)
Original Applicable Vehicles: Mustang, Fairlane, Marauder and others
Original Applicable Engines: This should fit most Ford small block engines in the 260-289-302 range (please investigate your application as many factors effect what will and will not work properly)

According to the website ( this manifold fits the following applications:
68 302 Fairlane Mustang(Jcode) 4v
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