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Excerpt from The Book of Genesis, as related by the apostle Geoff;

"And on the seventh day the lord did drive his Fairlane, and it came to pass that he popped the hood to gaze upon the 427 he had created, and he saw that it was good. And the serpent was upon the motor, for there were 8 venturis, and this too was good.

So the Lord closed the hood and did drive from the garden of Dearborn, until he came to the house of Chevrolet where Satan was complaining that his cam had walked through his tin can timing cover. And the Lord didst ask "Why art thou persisting with that crap? Turn thee to the light, and see that it is blue". And satan grunted, for his waterpump-on-a-stick didst fall upon him, and he was of foul humour.

Seeing this, the Lord didst spin his tires all the way into 4th, and lo Satan was enshrouded in a curious blue mist that not being of oil, didst confuse him, and he was unable to see the light.

And so it came to pass that satan remained loyal to the house of Chevrolet".


I stumbled across this while out searching for info on Ford V8s. Geoff is an Aussie - here is his website:
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