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I rebuilt my 351 cleveland and has about 400hp i have an fmx behind it with about 108k on it with no rebuild that i know of. I am taking the engine and trans out anyways.

My current choices budget about $800

1 Overhaul trans, new torque converter, shift kit $700-800

2 New torque converter, shift kit, springs and shocks all the way around roughly 750

3 Full rebuild by a drag racing transbuilder for street application includes new interals such as bands that option 1 wont provide. This also includes torque converter and shift kit price $950-1050

Also has anybody used belltech springs on their car( if not belltech what leaf springs have you used), and if i lower the front with 2in lowering springs what issues will i need to address;different shocks, bump steer kit, tires rubbing. Has anybody used KYB GR-2 shocks any input is appreciated.
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