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Flange tool selection

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I went the cheap route and picked up a Harbor Freight flange tool (model 01110). The 3/16" hole punch worked well, but is too damn close to the end of the sheet metal cut, and is so tiny compared to the 5/16" drill bit I used to drill holes for all the floor replacement/torque box parts. So much of the 43 year old metal I've tried to weld to replacement panels/parts is of poor welding quality, that even on A level with my wire feed welder (goes up to E for the big gauge sheet metal), that I wind up spending way too much time trying to weld them solidly together.

I'm redoing the quarters and wells for my '67. Also, seems like the lap welding doesn't do well with whatever gauge the quarters are. The tool is for 16 gauge. Do I need a 14 gauge tool? Anyone have a heavy duty flange tool they're not using anymore, or have one worth recommending at a retailer? Thanks, Eric.
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I had no problem with my HF flanger, well the 2nd one anyway. The first ones jaw broke right off after not too many strokes! Guess that was why it was on sale (I mean cheap, like $10) with a short warranty. The second one worked fine, paid a little more for that one. As for holes, I tend to drill them by hand. I generally only use the flanger for flanging.
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