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I have a '67 Cougar, with what I believe to be an '87 engine & trans.

Been talking with a friend, and I am on to thinking it is an H.O Engine. When I was attempting to ID this engine about a year ago, I am pretty sure I saw 87 castings.. my friend was telling me E7TE means an 87 H.O. This is the casting I am sure I saw a year ago. Are there any other 87 casting?? I identified it as an 87 motor, but just recently had him tell me it was an H.O.

It has the 351 firing order as well, and is mated to an AOD (pan shaped verified) that is not stock to the car either.. it used to be a 3spd man trans.

What are some other ways I can verify this is a 5.0L H.O ??
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