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I thought I changed this?
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This is being touted around many European forums.

General consensus appears to vary between "nothing to see here", and "OMG ! THE SKY IS FALLING IN !"

It's certainly going to change things, but I think it'll depend how the individual countries apply it.

In Norway, we already run a system very similar to this, and the only cars which can't be modified are cars over 30 years old which have been specifically imported as historical vehicles. You cannot modify these at all.
They must also be as near as makes no difference to stock, or you will not pass the vehicle approval for import and registration.

With any other vehicle, you can modify, but can only use approved parts, and modifications must be checked and approved.
It is perfectly acceptable to modify a car and have it become historic when it reaches 30 years old

My personal thoughts are that for many of the countries, to introduce this law and have it act retrospectively would be impossible to administer, especially due to the fact that until fairly recently, there was no type approval for cars.
I think it'll be applied on a "moving forward" basis, and reckon that in 30 years time, modified cars will be almost a thing of the past, but existing cars will be ok.

I dont think in the UK it will have a major impact, their testing schedule is already well in excess of what Europe recommends, but it will have a major impact in many of the smaller countries, where there are no roadworthiness tests at all, and cars are repaired according to what is available, rather than what fits.
Many old Hondas are running with parts from Ladas, handcarts, bicycles etc !!
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