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I bought my 68 XR7 GT without an engine over 20 years ago. I put in a 428 and it's been there ever since. I was curious what came in it originally and that was why I asked about the GT in the post below. Anyway in the vin number the 5th letter is a S and on the door tag the numbers are 65B T 6U 20A 54 7U above that the number 8R93S510252 (VIN). Anybody able to decode it for me? Thanks

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the "S"= 390 4V
65B= XR7
T= red paint
6U=Parchment(off white) XR7 bucket seat Leather
20A= Scheduled build date of Jan 20th 1968
54= seattle district sales office
7=3.25 nonlocking axel
U= C6 automatic trans.
VIN 8R93S510252
8=1968 model
R=built in the San Jose CA. assemblie plant
S=390 4V
510252= the 10252th unit serilized for the san Jose plant

I hope this helps some. Sounds like a neet Cougar. Neal.
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