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I just purchased a 3g alternator and conversion kit from pa-performance for my 73 xr7. The folks there recommended running dual v belts to prevent slippage. My 351c has a 3 groove crank pulley now - where the groove closest to the engine powers A/C, P/S, and the water pump. The next groove drives the alternator, and the one closest to the radiator has nothing on it currently (used to drive the factory a/c - I've since upgraded).

The problem is that the last two grooves are not the same diameter - therefore are useless for running two belts to the alternator. I found one from CVF Racing that appears like it might work -

The 3v crank pulleys from March Performance look to have too wide of a spacing between the last two grooves. Perhaps they do actually make one that would work?

I'm sure ford ran a 3v crank pulley at some point where two of the grooves ran to the alternator (maybe not).

Who makes a pulley that is known to work in this configuration (and where can I find it?)
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