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Was having starting problems with my 67 XR7 GT where turning the key resulted in a click at best. I thought it was a negative cutoff switch i had on the battery as it would start after messing with it. Finally took it off and thought i had this solved until today.

Car took a couple turns of the key before it would engage but after a short drive i pulled into my garage, shut it down and then would not start. After 4 or 5 tries my cat responded by filling the interior with the unwelcome smoke of an electrical fire!

Getting out of the car much quicker than i ever have before, i see smoke billowing from under hood. That will get the old heart rate up! Opened the hood with fire extinguisher in one hand and spanner for the battery terminal in the other, as i quickly popped the hood - the car, like a Stephen King Plymouth Fury sprang to life and started on its own. Pulled the neg ground and waited for the smoke to clear. Found one of the wires from the starter solenoid had burned away down to bare copper. Solenoid is an amk repro.

So i have two questions.

Could this have been caused by a bad starter solenoid relay alone? This is my guess.

WCCC has two relays listed. One for early 67 and one for later builds. Anyone know the cutoff date for the change? Car was built on May 8, 1967.

Thanks in advance.


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