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So here goes, project has fallen through....I would like to sell all my Cleve here goes-

One complete Cleveland 4v, heads have been machined for screw in studs and guideplates, Stainless rockers and aftermarket pushrods, Torker intake, MSD distributor, Venolia pop up pistons, .030 over, rods polished and peened, ARP bolts, stock crank machined, hardened, chamfered oil holes, road race pan, no oil pump or pickup, bronze lifter bores for oil control, big solid cam (no idea). A Holley carb and aluminum flywheel. I got this motor from a local friend who road raced an old Holman Moody car (converted short track car) and this motor came out of his car. He confirmed the motor was freshened up, they ran one event then decided to change to stroker big block power, this motor was pulled and there it sat. So I bought it for a 67 Mustang project....that's now been sold.
I also have a block that's been bored .030, line honed, ARP stud kit, Cam Research oil restrictor kit installed with new oil pump and external line kit. Also have a set of FMS tall valve covers to go with....and a stock unmachined crank...and a brand new scattershield..
I'm done, it's taking up room in the garage and there's too many other projects...I'd like $1800 for everything or make me an offer..
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