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OK, you guys have been asking me to check into the local chrome shop here that I would recommend wholeheartedly. I had some work done by them years ago and was very pleased with the quality/price! I heard that they had a fire and burned down. Wrong! I am happy to say that they're still there and doing a good business!

They have done many national award-winning show car's chrome, and used to (maybe still do) the chroming for the 'Bigfoot' monster truck(s). Many a customer's show car's pictures on the wall.

Not only do they do regular chroming needs, but they also do potmetal rechroming/restorations. For those of you that need your 'hockeysticks' done, they do a first rate job! My buddy had his convertible top mouldings done on his Mustang convert waaay back in the mid 80s. Its still holding up well today! Same for the hockeystics on the 70 Torino GT 429.

This outfit does three grades of workmanship.
Factory grade - their economy grade, a duplication of factory finish.
High quality - Their most popular quality with much more detail work and heavier plating deposits. This grade is equal to most other plater's show chrome.
Show chrome - Absolute perfection. For those who demand the very best.

Anyway, the place is called CustomChrome Plating, Inc. 963 Mechanic St, POB 125, Grafton, OH 44044. Phone 440-926-3116 Fax 440-926-2551. Hours are Mon-thur 8-5 EST and Fri 8-4. Web addy:

Give 'em a call!

Logan, maybe we can see if we can arrange some sort of member discount?

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I'm going to be calling them soon I hope. Been waiting on a little extra cash for this. You know the routine, something more inportant always coming up. I will be getting my hocky sticks and door handles done.

I also will be getting my eyebrows polished and reanodized. I know of a local polishing shop in my area that dose excelent work if anyone needs them I have there card.

My dad is starting soon on his 69 T bird convt and boy is there alot of chrome on those dudes. The bumpers alone ought to cost a fortune to do, so maybe we will be giving your plater some business. mm
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