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Hey, its been a while.
Okay, I know its Connecticut, and its illegal to not be constatly pissed off (New Yorks got nothin on this place), but I'm having this huge lack of car. I go out in my driveway, put the key I don't have, in the holes that arent there, open the door thats not there, sit down in the seat thats not there, try to turn the key thats not there, and lo and behold, nothing happens, because its not there, it has ceased to exist. So of course, I'm looking for a car, I figured a Montego would be cheap, but guess what, they cease to exist. There are none. If I had $30k, they are plentiful, but nope. So it looks as though I will sell everything I own, to buy a 64 Mustang coupe, 289/4 speed, I dont know if its a k-code or not, but my friend's grandfather will sell it to me for $500! Its not too screwed up, so I'll make a rat trap out of it, slowly restore it, probably send it off the road a few times, but its all in fun. Then I can sell it, and maybe buy a Cyclone, or a montego anyway.
The '69 Cougar project has been put on hold due to lack of floor, it was fine, brand spankin new floor pans (my Dad's 69 Cat conv BTW), some [email protected]#$ decided it'd be a good place to put a cooler, one with a drain plug, its at my uncle's house (no room here), and I dont know who did it, but if I find out, they will probably aquire the same status as my car.

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Trials and tribulations, Part I

I was really into Cougars back in the early 80s. I must have gone through close to a dozen 71-73s for parts, etc. I lived and breathed Cougars. I stopped at every one I found and looked at the VIN to see if it was a 'good' one - meaning 4V car to me. I left call-me-when-you're-gonna-get-rid-of-it notes on lots of windshields. I bought and parted out two convertibles, and bought and parted out several hardtops. I scrounged the junkyards for miles around to feed my habit for Cougar parts. I still have quite an inventory, BTW, but that sad story comes later...

But first, Part I....

I'm out of college. I'm working. I have real money. I really missed my first car, a 72 Standard, 351C-2V. I wanted another Cougar.

I settled on a loaded, all original 73 XR-7 351C-4V hardtop that I found in SuperFord Magazine back in early 82. This is my Alpha Cat. I drove a rental car 250 miles to go look at it. Why a rental? Well, if the Cougar met my needs I would drop off the rental and drive the Cat home. Hey, I was looking by myself and I didn't have a trailer or tow vehicle back then. Well, the car was what I was looking for, the price was right, so the deal was struck. I was told beforehand that it needed a battery so I had brought one along. Then I had to go find the guy's place of employment so he could sign over the title. It was a weekday. I had called in 'sick' to make this little trip -- I told you I had Cougar fever bad! Then I had to make arrangements to drop off the rental...

Well, after all this running around, I've wasted several hours so I fire up the Cat and start the drive home. Wouldn't you know, I run into an ice storm. Oh, did I mention that the car was wearing questionable tires? I was skittering all over. The wipers were shot and couldn't keep up with the ice so I stopped and got some fresh ones. OK, Better. Then I'm driving down the rural interstate and I start to smell anti-freeze. I stop on the side of the road in the middle of an ice storm and pop the hood. Nope, no hose had let go -- Yep, I had blown the heater core. I removed the heater hoses and bypassed the heater core. Lucky I had brought some tools along, eh? What's wrong with this picture? I'm still in the middle of an ice storm and now I don't even have a heater. And I'm still a good hundred miles from home. For the next fifty miles or so I had to stop along the side of the highway every couple of miles to scrape the windshield so I could see where I was going. I had to drive with the windows open so I wouldn't steam up the inside of the car. I was cold. I was wet. I was miserable. I was happy?

Yes, happy. I finally had a car with which to start.

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frustrated, yeah, but more so @ around midnight or whenever I wrote that, people on the radio wont shut up, refridgerator is too far away, its all the little things that add up to the overall pissedoffness. Now that I'm awake, well, as awake as I'm gonna get today, I can actually find stuff.
Anyway, I'm in high school, I was working, but I quit, because the owner (definatly not the boss, or the guy running things) was (probably still is) a jackass, again, all the little things add up. I needed a break from this bull ****, three ring, circus sideshow (where have I heard that before). So I got another job, more money, more hours, less crap. They've got to figure out what hours I'm working (under 18, can only work certain amount of hours). I applied at a few other places, that'll probably never think about hiring me right now (like Callaway in east lime, or old lime maybe, whatever).
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