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The Cascade Cougar Club has our show yesterday, It was the best we haver had dispite the weather. we had over 170 cars regestered and like 168
in the show field! Now thats a show. The number of cougars was
impresive. But, as is our way better then half of our show
was "other" cars. How often do we see 5 astralian Falcons in one
place? We did. And the Street Rods, All I can say is Wow. Carl it was
nice to meet you. Steve and Becci thanks for your company. And all
those that helped, My deepest thanks. Enjoy the pics I took. they are
only a general idea of what went on. Neal &.dir=/Prowl+2002&.src=ph&.view=t

P.S. We plan to top this next year!

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