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Went to our local weekly Cars N' Coffee drive in the morning. It runs from 8-10ish at a Corner Bakery by me. Brought my 11 yr old. He has been enjoying our visits lately. Perhaps it's the hot chocolate and egg sandwich we are splitting. ;)

There have been some pretty neat rides there lately. Here is a sampling of a few of them.

In this pic, the vette next to my Cougar is a 1967 327 4speed, and it is up for raffle next weekend. I bought 1, $100 ticket out of about 700 sold. Not bad odds. The drawing is next weekend. Not sure what the wife would say if it came home with me. :drool:

The pic below is of a 1934 Ford heavily customized. It has a Buick big block motor and is fully draped in red alligator skin.

I met this guy today with his recently purchased 1970 houndstooth vinyl roof Cougar. He evidently has about 15 Cougars. He is not on the forum and I gave him the web address.

Below is a nice customized 1967 Camaro RS. It has a LS3 crate motor. 6 speed Tremec. Really nice recent paint job.

Thought I'd add a pic. People have all tastes, don't they.
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