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the car really is running quite well. but after thirty two years together, one gets a "feel" for stuff. i would swear under certain cruise loads there is not enough fuel in one or both bowls. could be something else, but it's just a very slight hesitation in cruise mode, but nothing that registers on the tach. just in my "seat".

last time i adjusted the float, that had somehow got totally out of whack, i did notice when i had the top off that when the float was hanging down and the tang was positioned to allow the needle to come out of the seat (needle sits "upside down" on the 1405), the needle did not unseat. it stayed in the seat.

i could shake it loose, so i assumed that the fuel pressure would accomplish the same thing and allow fuel to enter the bowl.

is it probable that a sticky needle, that sits upside down, could prevent fuel from properly filling the bowl? i did write earlier that parking lot speed bumps are sometimes enough to cause the engine to miss a beat, as if the jet was being briefly uncovered.

how much fuel should i see in each bowl when i take the top off? half? quarter?

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