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The search function sucks on this forum.

I am looking for 67 XR7 GT S code 4 speed stats. Red car with Ivory/White interior. Cougars by the number will be on the Christmas list this year.

Any help is appreciated I seem to remember just shy of 3K? 67 GT stick cars

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This would be the person to ask;

I don't think the Marti Cougars by the number will give you the stat your looking for. You will have to dig in the wallet for some of those stats.

In order to process your order to your satisfaction, we require the following form to be completely filled out. Only one question is permitted per form. If you are interested in more than one statistic, you must fill out multiple copies of this form. Please also note that the statistics are copyrighted. See below for copyright statement. Cost is $80.00 PER HOUR.
Directions: Choose all that apply to your question. For example, if you wanted to know how many 1967 Mustang Fastbacks were painted Brittany Blue with Standard Blue interiors and Air Conditioning, you would select '1967', 'Mustang', 'Fastback', and 'Air Conditioner'. In addition, you would write in 'Brittany Blue' in the paint section and 'Standard Blue Bucket Seats' in the trim section. If you wanted to know how many 1969 Mach I Mustangs had 428CJ engines and 3.91 rear ends, you would select '1969' and 'Mustang', 'Mach I'. You would write in '428CJ' in the engine section and '3.91 rear end' in a blank space in the option section. Only select or fill in those items you want factored into the statistic.
Lead times can be quite lengthy due to the complicated nature of determining customized statistics. Allow 4-8 weeks for completion.

<FORM method=post action=insert-stats.cfm><CENTER><TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=0><TBODY><TR bgColor=#e7e7e7><TD colSpan=2>
</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Year:</TD><TD><SELECT name=Model_Year> <OPTION selected value="">- - - Select One - - -<OPTION value=1967>1967<OPTION value=1968>1968<OPTION value=1969>1969<OPTION value=1970>1970<OPTION value=1971>1971<OPTION value=1972>1972<OPTION value=1973>1973</OPTION></SELECT> </TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Model:</TD><TD><SELECT name=AUTO_LINE> <OPTION selected value="">- - - Select One - - -<OPTION value=Mustang>Mustang</OPTION> <OPTION value=Fairlane>Fairlane</OPTION> <OPTION value=Thunderbird>Thunderbird</OPTION> <OPTION value=Lincoln>Lincoln</OPTION> <OPTION value=Torino>Torino</OPTION> <OPTION value=Cougar>Cougar</OPTION> <OPTION value=Montego/Cyclone>Montego/Cyclone</OPTION> <OPTION value=Comet>Comet</OPTION> <OPTION value=Falcon>Falcon</OPTION> <OPTION value="Full Size Ford">Full Size Ford</OPTION> <OPTION value=Bronco>Bronco</OPTION> <OPTION value=Meteor>Meteor</OPTION> <OPTION value=Maverick>Maverick</OPTION> <OPTION value=Pinto>Pinto</OPTION> <OPTION value=Bobcat>Bobcat</OPTION> <OPTION value="F-100 to F-350 Truck">F-100 to F-350 Truck</OPTION> <OPTION value=Other>Other</OPTION></SELECT> </TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top align=right>Submodel (optional):</TD><TD vAlign=top><SELECT name=SUB_MODEL> <OPTION selected value="">- - - Select One - - -<OPTION value=Grande>Grande<OPTION value="Mach I">Mach I<OPTION value=XR-7>XR-7<OPTION value=500>500<OPTION value=CJ>CJ<OPTION value=GT>GT<OPTION value=Spoiler>Spoiler</OPTION></SELECT>
Other Submodel: <INPUT name=SUB_MODEL>
</TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top align=right>Bodystyle (check all that apply):</TD><TD vAlign=top><INPUT name=BODYSTYLE value=Hardtop type=checkbox> Hardtop
<INPUT name=BODYSTYLE value=Fastback type=checkbox> Fastback
<INPUT name=BODYSTYLE value=Sportsroof type=checkbox> Sportsroof
<INPUT name=BODYSTYLE value=Convertible type=checkbox> Convertible
<INPUT name=BODYSTYLE value=Coupe type=checkbox> Coupe
<INPUT name=BODYSTYLE value=Sedan type=checkbox> Sedan
Other Bodystyle: <INPUT name=bodystyle>
</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Paint:</TD><TD><INPUT name=PAINT_CODE size=12>(fill in color or paint code if desired) </TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Trim:</TD><TD><INPUT name=TRIM_CODE size=12>(fill in description or code if desired) </TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Engine:</TD><TD><INPUT name=ENGINE_CODE size=12>(fill in color or paint code if desired) </TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Transmission:</TD><TD><INPUT name=TRANS_CODE size=12>(fill in color or paint code if desired) </TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Tires:</TD><TD><INPUT name=TIRE_CODE size=12>(fill in color or paint code if desired) </TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top colSpan=2>Options (check all that apply):
<TABLE border=0 cellSpacing=2 cellPadding=0 width="100%"><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top width=235><INPUT name=auto_options value="Drag Pack" type=checkbox> Drag Pack
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Vinyl Roof" type=checkbox> Vinyl Roof
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Detroit Locker" type=checkbox> Detroit Locker
<INPUT name=auto_options value=XR7-G type=checkbox> XR7-G
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Sun Roof" type=checkbox> Sun Roof
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Tape Stripe" type=checkbox> Tape Stripe
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Power Top" type=checkbox> Power Top
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Glass Rear Window" type=checkbox> Glass Rear Window
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Evaporative Emissions" type=checkbox> Evaporative Emissions
<INPUT name=auto_options value="California Special" type=checkbox> California Special
<INPUT name=auto_options value=Sprint type=checkbox> Sprint
<INPUT name=auto_options value=Eliminator type=checkbox> Eliminator
<INPUT name=auto_options value=Talladega type=checkbox> Talladega
<INPUT name=auto_options value=Spoiler type=checkbox> Spoiler
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Spoiler II" type=checkbox> Spoiler II
<INPUT name=auto_options value=GTE type=checkbox> GTE
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Dan Gurney Special" type=checkbox> Dan Gurney Special
<INPUT name=auto_options value=Grabber type=checkbox> Grabber
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Extra Cooling" type=checkbox> Extra Cooling
<INPUT name=auto_options value=GT type=checkbox> GT
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Rear Spoiler" type=checkbox> Rear Spoiler
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Convenience Panel" type=checkbox> Convenience Panel
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Immersion Block Heater" type=checkbox> Immersion Block Heater
<INPUT name=auto_options value=Clock type=checkbox> Clock
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Hidden Headlamps" type=checkbox> Hidden Headlamps
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Visibility Group" type=checkbox> Visibility Group
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Courtesy Lights" type=checkbox> Courtesy Lights
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Instrumentation Group" type=checkbox> Intrumentation Group
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Rim Blow Steering Wheel" type=checkbox> Rim Blow Steering Wheel
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Luggage Rack" type=checkbox> Luggage Rack
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Ram Air Induction" type=checkbox> Ram Air Induction
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Shaker Hood Scoop" type=checkbox> Shaker Hood Scoop
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Rocker Panel Moldings" type=checkbox> Rocker Panel Moldings
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Louvered Hood" type=checkbox> Louvered Hood
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Power Steering" type=checkbox> Power Steering
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Power Front Disc Brakes" type=checkbox> Power Front Disc Brakes
</TD><TD vAlign=top width=234><INPUT name=auto_options value="Tilt Steering Wheel" type=checkbox> Tilt Steering Wheel
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Power Windows" type=checkbox> Power Windows
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Sport Slats" type=checkbox> Sport Slats
<INPUT name=auto_options value=Console type=checkbox> Console
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Power Seat" type=checkbox> Power Seat
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Speed Control" type=checkbox> Speed Control
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Hood Pins" type=checkbox> Hood Pins
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Air Conditioner" type=checkbox> Air Conditioner
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Rear Window Defogger" type=checkbox> Rear Window Defogger
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Delete Heater" type=checkbox> Delete Heater
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Power Ventilation" type=checkbox> Power Ventilation
<INPUT name=auto_options value="AM Radio" type=checkbox> AM Radio
<INPUT name=auto_options value="AM/FM Radio" type=checkbox> AM/FM Radio
<INPUT name=auto_options value="AM/8-Track Stereo" type=checkbox> AM/8-Track Stereo
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Rear Speakers" type=checkbox> Rear Speakers
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Sport Deck Rear Seat" type=checkbox> Sport Deck Rear Seat
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Intermittent Windshield Wipers" type=checkbox> Intermittent Windshield Wipers
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Hideaway Headlamps" type=checkbox> Hideaway Headlamps
<INPUT name=auto_options value=Tachometer type=checkbox> Tachometer
<INPUT name=auto_options value="NASA Hood" type=checkbox> NASA Hood
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Tinted Windshield" type=checkbox> Tinted Windshield
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Tinted Glass" type=checkbox> Tinted Glass
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Interior Decor Group" type=checkbox> Interior Decor Group
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Exterior Decor Group" type=checkbox> Exterior Decor Group
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Body Side Moldings" type=checkbox> Body Side Moldings
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Competition Suspension" type=checkbox> Competition Suspension
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Quick Ratio Steering" type=checkbox> Quick Ratio Steering
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Heavy Duty Battery" type=checkbox> Heavy Duty Battery
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Deluxe Belts" type=checkbox> Deluxe Belts
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Appearance Protection Group" type=checkbox> Appearance Protection Group
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Color Keyed Racing Mirrors" type=checkbox> Color Keyed Racing Mirrors
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Magnum 500 Wheels" type=checkbox> Magnum 500 Wheels
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Styled Steel Wheels" type=checkbox> Styled Steel Wheels
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Argent Styled Steel Wheels" type=checkbox> Argent Styled Steel Wheels
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Chrome Styled Steel Wheels" type=checkbox> Chrome Styled Steel Wheels
<INPUT name=auto_options value="Forged Aluminum Wheels" type=checkbox> Forged Aluminum Wheels
</TD></TR><TR><TD colSpan=2>Other Options:</TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top colSpan=2><TEXTAREA wrap=virtual cols=50 rows=3 name=OTHER_OPTIONS></TEXTAREA> </TD></TR><TR bgColor=#e7e7e7><TD colSpan=2>
</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Full Name:</TD><TD><INPUT name=FULL_NAME size=30> <INPUT name=FULL_NAME_REQUIRED value="Please provided FULL NAME" type=hidden> </TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Street Address:</TD><TD><INPUT name=STREET_ADDRESS size=30> <INPUT name=STREET_ADDRESS_required value="Please provide STREET ADDRESS" type=hidden> </TD><TR><TD align=right>City:</TD><TD><INPUT name=CITY size=30> <INPUT name=CITY_required value="Please provide CITY" type=hidden> </TD><TR><TD align=right>State/Province:</TD><TD><INPUT name=STATE size=30> <INPUT name=STATE_required value="Please provide STATE" type=hidden> </TD><TR><TD align=right>Postal Code:</TD><TD><INPUT name=ZIP size=15> <INPUT name=ZIP_required value="Please provide ZIP" type=hidden> </TD><TR><TD align=right>Country:</TD><TD><INPUT name=COUNTRY value=USA size=30></TD><TR bgColor=#e7e7e7><TD colSpan=2>
</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Phone Number:</TD><TD><INPUT name=PHONE> </TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Email:</TD><TD><INPUT name=Email size=30> </TD><TR bgColor=#e7e7e7><TD colSpan=2>
</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Name on Card:</TD><TD><INPUT name=cardname size=40> </TD></TR><TR><TD vAlign=top align=right>Card Type:</TD><TD vAlign=top><SELECT name=cardtype> <OPTION selected value="">Select Card Type<OPTION value=VI>Visa<OPTION value=MC>MasterCard</OPTION></SELECT></TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Credit Card Number:</TD><TD vAlign=top><INPUT name=card_number maxLength=19 size=19> (4444-5555-6666-5555)</TD></TR><TR><TD align=right>Exp Date: Month:</TD><TD><SELECT name=expmonth> <OPTION selected value="">Select Month<OPTION>01<OPTION>02<OPTION>03<OPTION>04<OPTION>05<OPTION>06<OPTION>07<OPTION>08<OPTION>09<OPTION>10<OPTION>11<OPTION>12</OPTION></SELECT> Year: <SELECT name=expyear> <OPTION selected value="">Select Year<OPTION>2007<OPTION>2008<OPTION>2009<OPTION>2010<OPTION>2011<OPTION>2012<OPTION>2013<OPTION>2014<OPTION>2015<OPTION>2016<OPTION>2017<OPTION>2018<OPTION>2019<OPTION>2020</OPTION></SELECT> </TD></TD><TR><TD colSpan=2 align=center></TD></TR><TR><TD colSpan=2 align=center><INPUT name=QTY value=1 size=3 type=hidden> <INPUT name=Model_Year_REQUIRED value="Please select MODEL YEAR" type=hidden> <INPUT name=AUTO_LINE_REQUIRED value="Please select MODEL" type=hidden> <INPUT name=EMAIL_REQUIRED value="Please provide Email" type=hidden> <INPUT name=cardname_REQUIRED value="Please provide NAME ON CARD" type=hidden> <INPUT name=card_number_required value="Please provide valid CREDIT CARD NUMBER" type=hidden> <INPUT name=expmonth_required value="Please provide valid Expiration YEAR" type=hidden> <INPUT name=ORDER_TYPE value="STATS REPORT" type=hidden> <INPUT name=calendardate value=09/09/2012 type=hidden> <INPUT value="Order Now" type=submit> <INPUT value="Clear Form" type=reset> </TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></CENTER></FORM>
The statistics that will be generated are copyrighted. Written permission of Marti Auto Works and Ford Motor Company must be received to reproduce any of the generated information. Contact Marti Auto Works for further details before you purchase information.

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Thank you for the reply very familiar with the Marti program. Someone has a Marti showing this stat at least 67 XR7 GT 4 speed. It is likely in the archives but a search for "1967 GT" or anything else renders a ton of unrelated pages.

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That is a 68 looking for 67 info. You are a very helpful fellow and appreciated though

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Slightly redundant info. My '67 XR-7/GT 390/4-speed was Iverness Green. From the Marti for the Hardtop:

5964 Paint Code
3516 Paint/Trim Code
905 Engine/Transmission Codes
2653 With the GT Equipment Group

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Thanks Kim. I posted the same question over on the Classic Cougar Community and here is what Bill was able to calculate

"And the answer is... 708 XR7 GT 4 speeds in 1967. The GT was available in every color so it would be reasonable to assume that they number of Cardinal Red with Parchment would be approximately the same as regular production. There were 214 XR7 GTs in Cardinal Red /Parchment out of 2653 XR7 GTs (8%) so it would be reasonable to assume that 8% (57) of the 708 XR7 GT 4 speeds would have been Cardinal Red /Parchment. At least that is my best guess."
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