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I havent decided if im going to keep the C4 tranny or not, original thought was yeah but i just found a killer deal (in my opinion) on a C6 tranny that i might want.... if so, what options do i have for shifters? i really want to keep as much of the original look as i there a way to use the 68 3 speed shifter or one that will swap out and look "correct"?

also, update on this car....done my research, its original color (well if u call faded and surface rust a color) Grecian Gold with Parchment vinyl and one decoder says with gold nugget so i guess thats what im looking at on the heater switch panel and door armrests and couple of other areas. not sure im gong back with the gold, although nicely done they do look good....

I picked it up last sunday and pulled all of the torn and shredded headliner out, keeping the bows (and i numbered them), cleaned up tons of crap out of the inside, realized im gonna need some work on the floor pans and trunk pan...trunk pan is worst- anyone got a pic of the rear corners of the trunk where they meet the quarter panels? pretty sure Ford didnt mean for there to be daylight in there....

yesterday and today I pulled the motor out and started cleaning up under the hood... and sorry i dont have a pic right now but on the strut towers, both of them have little access holes "cut" into them and the metal is bent back to, i guess, access control arm bolts or something...anyone else ever seen this? they are small holes, easy to weld back up and fix but weird IMO. if they need to be there to adjust things or something i'd rather cut out the hole and use a rubber body plug to cover it.

done some more research on the donor motor the car came with...its out of an 85 EFI F150, so no roller motor....(found out the trucks didnt get roller till 90s) but thats fine with me..the motor is a good clean and solid motor for free. :) going to keep the resto on the budget side so im using it. pulling off the EFI stuff today...but got a question...theres a "pipe" that bolts to the rear of each cylinder head and runs across the back connecting them and has hoses going to a bunch of other crap... smog or EFI im guessing...whats the best way to get rid of it? easy as removing and sticking a bolt in the holes left behind or what? plan is to use all my stock stuff (air cleaner, valve covers, etc) and paint and restore it all back to original so it looks "new" extra crap hanging off can just go to the garbage in my opinion.... gonna have to do some digging to find out what wire goes where since the motor in this car was already torn down and some parts are missing...need to figure out what all goes where to hook it all back up once its ready...whats the best source (besides you guys who want to take pics of which harness(s) contain the wires for oil pressure and coolant temp etc :)) to sort this stuff out? its a pretty simple smog stuff, factory PS and dealer installed AC (wonderfully huge under dash "PARKOMAT" ac unit)...

also, my shoulder belts are missing, ive seen the belts and hooks and only one drawing in the manual about how they actually look in the car..can someone take a pic of theirs so i can see how it looks? my concern with a parchment interior and headliner is if i have the shoulder straps and hang them up on a hook every day that i drive it it might get dirty...anyone swapped out modern retractable shoulder/lap seat belts? if so, pics?

thanks guys, sorry for the long thread of randomness but you'll get used to me hahaha my other forums have. :)

oh and sooo glad my garage floor is epoxy coated...when people say the torque converter will dump fluid out when u pull it with a motor (motor locked up) they arent kidding. i guess its ok though, i had no oil come out of the motor since it was solid sludge and rust haha...
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