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My C-4 is in some serious need of attention, I got a line on an AOD for cheep ( actualy its free along with a 93 full long block 302 with all wiring and fuel injection, for the price of my 73 351W). I know I have seen the article somewhere about the swap, whats involved, and what I need new to compleet it. But now that im ready to undertake the project I cant find it anywhere. Any one have an idea of where I can find it on the net, or with actual experiance with it that can give me some insight?

Thanks for the Help....

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Here's an email I sent to sombody else inquiring about the swap. Keep in mind my car is a 70 with an original fmx but most of this info should be the same.

The AOD swap wasn't to bad. There are some obstacles but they are easy
to overcome. The biggest one is the crossmember, you will need a new one.
The are available from windsor fox or from Mark Piechowski but beware they
may not work with your current exhaust. I tried one from Mark and it would
not clear my Hooker headers and pipes. I made one, it was a piece of cake.

The rest is a bolt in really. First get a trans thats from an 89 or
newer 5.0 mustang, I've been told they have a better lube circut, improved
clutches and the right lever to work with our shifters. You will need the
trans, converter, block plate & inspection cover, and yoke. The trans
bolts right up. one of the trans lines from an FMX lines up perfect but
the other is way off. I picked up a set out of the boneyard from a newer
style tbird and cut the ends off by the radiator and installed a cooler
with hoses conecting it. I didn't hook up my radiator cooler because it
had been unhooked for years and I figured it was dirty inside. (I had a 4
sp in there but it was a factory FMX car) Working your way back the next
situation I came across was the starter nose, it fits but the top hole
will be threaded on the trans and the starter, I drilled the threads out
of the starter and used it with no problems. Next thing to hook up is the
drive shaft mine worked but I had already changed the yoke for the 4 sp
swap, the AOD and 4sp yokes have the same splines. The FMX is different.
There is some consideration on the speedometer. The AOD uses an electronic
speedo that comes right out and your stock one fits the hole but the teeth
on the gear is wrong. I went to the ford dealer and picked up a 21 tooth
speedo gear for six bucks to fit a 5.0 mustang and no problems. I am told
that if you have a choice to get a trans that comes out of a mustang with
3:23 or lower rear end gears because the use a different gear on the trans
shaft (7 or 8 teeth are the choices) thats not replacable without a
complete teardown of the trans and a replacment shaft. The next thing to
tackle is the shift linkage. Before installing the trans you need to pull
the selector shaft out and rotate it 180 degrees. I was told that my stack
linkage rod would work but when I went to install it it was too short. The
thing is I'm not sure that I was trying my stock one or one from another
vehicle that was laying around the garage...duh I didn't put it in a safe
place when I removed my FMX. Anyway it works out that I have park where
its supposed to be and low in the trans shows 2nd on the shifter but it
doesn't create a problem and looks stock. One more easy project, the
throttle cable. I picked up a lokar cable from a speed shop for 69.95, it
was a piece of cake to install but I messed with the adjustment for a
while after I started driving the car to get it the way I wanted it.
The only other thing I did was install a shift kit and a drain plug on
the pan. I'm even using the stock converter. I used the bauman shift kit
and it was easy to install.
The car runs great and getts a whopping 14 MPG on the Of course I am running alot of cam and 3:73's and my
motor would prefer a set of 4:11's. The only downside I can speak of is
the inherent quality of an AOD to be clunky for the lack of a better term
when goin into OD. This is magnified in my car due to the cam, when it
hits OD under part throttle it drops the engine below its power band and
it luggs. Under moderate acceleration its not noticable and your results
may be different. I have never had my car fast enough for a full throttle
AOD shift but it chirps when it hit drive a full throttle, thats probably
around the 60-70mph range.
If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, I'll be glad to help you
or take pic of mine. Heres a couple sites to check out.
Good Luck
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