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Hey guys!

So my 69 cougar project is coming along and I decided to keep it closer to original since I just found out it is all matching numbers with 69,000 original miles.

i’m living in North Carolina and I noticed everyone likes to ride your back bumper like it’s NASCAR so I wanted to do a ball bar in the front and some kind of bumper out of roll cage material for the back.

Does anyone have any suggestion for where to bolt this to in the front and back? My first thought is to bolt it where a U-Haul hitch would go in the back and maybe somewhere to the frame in the front but I’m really just taking a guess. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I was also told that if the car was hit in the front or back it could affect the unibody so if there is a better place to mount this too I am definitely open to suggestions.

attaching some photos for the type of bumper I’m talking about
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