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At 16, in 1977, my very first Cougar was a ’70 351 four-speed standard hardtop Cougar. I painted this cat silver with Keystone Classic wheels and dark-tinted windows, also added a Shelby Performance intake manifold and carburetor making it very fun to drive and well recognized by all the cops in town! I have many fond memories of Friday and Saturday night cruising Main Street, light-to-light racing, doing burnouts in front of the High School. At the time it was faster than most Camaros and Chevelles out there. Unfortunately, it met its demise in 1981 after rounding a curve , finding a car stalled in the road blocking both lanes; with nowhere to go I took out a corner of the car and cleaned out a ditch killing three of the four corners of the Cougar. Fortunately no one was injured. My passion has been Cougars and I have owned and restored several over the years, but never had another ’70. I have always wanted an Eliminator, grabber blue, white interior, with a four-speed. I thought about building a clone, but I’d much rather have the real deal. I am really into restoring Cougars; most of mine have placed well at the National Shows. I am nearing the completion of my ’68 Cougar XR7-GTE convertible conversion Resto-Mod with Mustang Cobra drivetrain. I will be posting pictures of it soon – need to get the interior in.
Eliminators are hard to come by without lots of cash and lots of work. I now have a ’70 parts car and other Cougar parts, a fully equipped shop, the time, and resources to build such a car. In the ‘80’s I learned to paint cars and do body-work. Although I don’t do it for a living anymore, I enjoy doing it as a hobby. As a semi-retired, unemployed building contractor I have more time to spend on my hobbies.
I would plan on a full restoration including original factory color and interior. I would update the drivetrain with hidden performance upgrades. This Cougar would growl with a 351 engine spiced-up a bit backed up with a 5 speed transmission and stock-looking shifter. The brakes would be upgraded and a/c added for driving comfort. I would like the chance to restore, drive, and show another ’70 Cougar, bringing back the glory days when the Cougar ruled the roads. And it would it give me good excuse for a road trip to Oregon to visit you guys.
Robin Jacques – Glenville, NC – aka cougarpolecat
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