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I have my 69 Cougar in the shop getting a full makeover, color change, new front suspension, interior, rust repair, etc. I saved up and decided to buy a set of the expensive billet aluminum hood hinges, ($675) from RingBrothers site on eBay. They mailed the hinges to the totally wrong address in a totally different state and were giving me the run around claiming it was some sort of computer glitch and they would send me the correct routing number in 24-48 hours.

Well, after 6 days I cancelled the order, asked for a refund, and decided to contact Ringbrothers' corporate office to let them know how poor their eBay store's customer service was.

I sent an email requesting to speak to someone about my complaint, in stepped Mrs. Aron, their Operations & Sales Manager. She was extremely helpful and immediately took over the transaction from the eBay store as her own. She gave me a big discount, on the next higher priced set of hinges and over night shipped them to me at their expense.

I am totally impressed with the professionalism and quickness with which my situation turned out and will be forever grateful to Mrs. Aron for making me feel good about people again. If you want a set of great looking, heavy duty billet or black anodized hood hinges for your car, check out Ringbrothers. They'll treat you right.
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