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I have 2 and have decided to do a full restoration on my 68 XR7. To do this I need to sell my 67 DGS.
The 67 DGS is not loaded but is a complete turn-key car that has not been hot rodded or molested. It could be driven and/or restored. Everything works.
The few modifications that were done were ones that could have been done at the factory or dealer. I added an NOS clock, and replaced the 2v intake/carb with a period factory ford cast intake and 4v carb. (For the purist, I kept the original 2v setup and all hardware and clock blank). I have a working '67 AM/FM that has not been installed. It can be bought separate or depending on price the car sells for, it can go with the car. I replaced the single exhaust with an aluminized dual exhaust system last spring.

It was originally a San Diego car (hence the Calif emissions), and has about 90K documented miles. I have all the paperwork on this car from bill of sale to window sticker, etc....

I repainted it myself and kept it Sage Gold/Ivy Gold(interior)
I know that amongst the ford folks Sage Gold isnt a desireable color, but I kinda liked it well enough not to change it. Nothing worse than going to a car show and seeing only the "popular" colors...... Kinda like the colors you dont see too many of.... Like prefering the cougar to the mustang, its kinda different.
As far as equipment, it has PS, AT, AM radio, DGS, California Emissions, chrome merc head wheels. 289 4V/Dual exhaust.

Chrome is excellent, Body is very solid as are the floorpans. I am not a body man, but the body was straight enough for me to tackle painting it myself. The only area where there was a little rust was around the back glass and some surface rust under the drivers rear quarter glass. I painted it 3 yrs ago and nothing has resurfaced so.......

It sits on a fairly new set of Toyo Z wsw radials ('bout 4K miles).
Well maintained. New alternator/battery, radiator, hoses, water pump, Master Cyl, Ps hoses and all the PS stuff underneith, brakes and brake hoses, U-joints, etc...... you get the picture..... like I said turn-key car.

Down side: Since I painted it, its not perfect. It could stand to be wet sanded..... needs valve seals or valve guides. Puffs a lil bit if it sits, but not bad enuf to foul the plugs.

Gonna start at $5,500.


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