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The 2002 edition of The Classic Cougar Network's annual classic Cougar Parts Vendor Survey begins in the March edition of TCP magazine (Publish Date: 3/10/02). The survey is located in the Community section of the magazine and we encourage all TCCN subscribers who have purchased parts during the past year to take the few minutes required to complete a survey response.

For those who aren't familiar with TCCN's Parts Vendor Survey, it is one of the most effective ways to tell parts suppliers how well they've met your needs during the past year. The ratings derived from the survey also provide a valuable guide for new Cougar enthusiasts when it comes time to order parts from vendors they may not know. The results of this year's survey will appear in the May, 2002 edition.

Again, we urge all TCCN subscribers to participate in this service to the classic Cougar community. It's another way you can do your bit to help make our hobby better.

Keep on Cattin'!

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