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Just so I'm clear, wiring for a 67 Cougar charging system is, BAT+ on Alternator to the Regulators A+ and the Alternators STA goes to the Regulators "S" termainal and the Alternators "FLD" goes to the Regualators "F" terminal. Right so far?
Now the Regualtors "I" terminal goes to the Ideat light or Indicator Light. So where does the CONDENSOR I found go?

My Last question in this post is to do with the regulator. Does anyone know the voltage coming off the alternator at the "S" stator terminal when the engine is above the idle when a charge voltage is being returned to the battery?

I am trying to wire up my running engine stand to be complete including a functional charging system. I am a new member here and have enjoyed many of the posts in the archive but have had no luck with this level of specifics.

Sorry for the LONG post and thanks for everyones help!



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