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Hello All, first post. Real fast a little about me. I have a modified 69 torino that Ive build, raced and owned for 7 years. Many of my cars have come on gone but that car will die with me. My Torino is a formal roof, black on red interior, with grey torq thrusts.

My girlfriend of 7 years also and soon to be wife has been looking for a 68/67 cougars. Her dad had a light blue 68 growing up, so I have been looking for one for some time. I expected to spend around 2500-4000 for a car I can put my Torinos warmed up 302 in, paint, and fix up for her and I to use as a cruiser since the torino will be a street/strip car.

I found this today, and I personally love the 69/70 cougars. Always have. This car immediately reminded me of my torino, like its little sister, black on torq thrusts as well. Anyway, I havnt seen it yet in person, I plan of offering 3k for it if its sound and driving it home. Its a base 1970 cougar with a claimed 351 ceveland, air, console, new floor pans, new headliner, etc...I plan on going to look at it tomorrow.

I just would like some thoughts and opinions and stuff to look for, I know the usual rust spots, check torque boxes, under headliner rust, etc. But anything else? Are parts super rare and hard to find like my Torino? I saw this ad and jumped on it fast, thinking this car was too nice for the price.

Here is the ad:

Here is a photo album of the car with more pics: Cougar/mini-SAM_2322.jpg
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