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Hey all:
Ad in local auto trader:
'73 XR7 at, pwr seats, ac, pb, green. 66k original miles, 351C, fact tach &
guages, runs and looks great. $2950
located in Vinton, Va. (just outside Roanoke, Va) 540-890-3405

Just thought I'd just pass it along if anyone might be interested. There is
a pic but what can you tell with a small B&W pic from about 20 feet away?

There is also a engineless '67 advertised in the same trader for $1000. That
ad reads:
1967 Cougar blue, at, ps, pb, ac. lots of extra chrome, extra headlight
assemblies, no motor, good project. located in Roanoke, Va. 540-819-8252 or

I have no interest in either car. Just would rather a cougar fanatic know
about and have a chance to purchase than just anyone. Roanoke is a little
over an hour drive for me, but if anyone is seriously interested, I would
try to check either/both cars out.

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