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72' XR-7 A/C Condenser

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In the process of converting the A/C to 134a. Going to use the original York compressor and evap coil.
Where can I purchase a new condenser?
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Sorry I can't help with a condenser (maybe look for a mustang one). I have used enviro-safe as a better substitute. It runs at a lower pressure, so it's easier on the compressor. R12 is nice if you can afford it. It's flammable, but we are driving around in cars with a gas tank for a trunk floor, so that's no big deal for us wild risk takers. Try ebay if you are interested.
Since compressor is pumping oil so I am going to replace it and the drier. I plan to go back with 134a.
Not sure for a '72 but try Vintage air or Classic Auto Air. Funny, I converted my '69 back to R12. Almost 10 deg cooler. However with the new style condenser yoiu should be good with R134.
Original Air has everything I need but there moving so no shipments from them until Feburay15th. I'll check these others. Thanks.
Wow, moving again? They went from Tampa to Texas and now to where?
They did not say where they were moving to.
NPD has the Classic Auto Air condensor in stock, but wow it's expensive.

If yours isn't damaged, you can flush out your existing part and reuse it, with a new receiver/drier.
I thought about that but due to the car being in storage for over 35 years there is a lot of rust and corrosion inside the condenser and hoes.
At this point you may as well wait a few weeks and get it directly from classic. It's showing $336 on their website.

71-73 Ford A/C Condenser | Original Air Group
I believe I will wait. I understand that original air parts are top quality.
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