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Dear Cougarfiles -
It is with great sadness I have to report that my 72 Cougar XR7 convertible which I have been driving for 25 years was totaled recently. The good news is that I was not badly hurt.
I had been planning to fully restore the car in a bit and started gathering parts both esthetic and mechanical and I have a garage filled with a great many of these items. Along with the newer, refit, and good used parts, are a great many articles that I saved thinking that they may wholly or in part come in handy some day. I am posting a deatiled list of all the parts I have to sell along with prices I feel are fair. I am not a parts dealer and I am gaging the prices from what I paid for them and reducing them to hopefully redeem myself in part and help keep a brother or sisters Cougar to look and run better.
Each item has a reference number that coincides with an image I have posted on my .me acct. the link for images to the car parts is -
The list of parts follows- Some are new parts that I was storing in anticipation of a major restore of the car. Others were used parts that I never took out of the boxes they were shipped in and some were parts I picked up here and there.
There are a lot of used, broken, and failed parts that were replaced on the car that I saved thinking that they may be useful in whole or part one day.
Each photo has a number that corresponds to the number on the text description. add shipping from CA to all prices. Here goes-

#1 Grill - This is the grill I replaced after a slight accident that caused a small break in the metal on the right side of the photo indicated with the red arrow. It has a little pitting and needs a cleaning, but I believe usable. Price-$125

#2 Grill#2 - This is the one I bought a couple years back and paid $450 for I believe. It is in very good shape. I took it off my car before they junked it. price-$325

#3 Chrome hood grill piece - Never used it. It was still in the box it was sent in. price-$75

#4,5,6,7 - Original Radio that I replaced in 1985 when I bought my Cougar. It was working perfectly when I took it out to replace it with a higher tech model. I kept the speakers that were also working well at that time. I have no way of testing them now. price-$250

#8 Chrome wheel well trim - for rear left well. It was new, still in the box. price $75

#9 Original steering wheel - I took it off when the horn ring stopped working and replaced it with an aftermarket wheel. price- $75

#10,11 Passenger side bullet mirror - It has a crack in the base that is still intact. I replaced it before it broke entirely. price $45

#11,11a - Lens for front right I think? two perspectives Good condition price- $75

#12 Cracked right side front lens - It is cracked but if you have nothing else, usable. price $15

#13 Temperature control box - I replaced it because the Air conditioning switch was not always working. The other controls were OK. price -$20

#14 Window wash reserve tank - I replaced it, but for the life of me I can't remember why? It looks intact to me. price- $10

#15 The boot - Ok condition. It was folded up for a while and needs to be stretched out a bit. price-$50

#16 Bezel - It's been sitting in the box sent in for over twenty years. I bought it in case I wanted to go back to the original radio. They destroyed my bezel installing the tape, and then later CD player. Price-$75

#17 Beauty wheel - Seems OK price- $10

#18,18a Rear tail lights lenses and casings - I bought them in 1998 while driving through a rural area of Wisconsin. Saw the car in front on a wrecking yard and bought the lenses , etc. The lenses are in great shape aside from being a little dirty. The frames have scratches here and there.
Price- $125 each lens and frame $225 for both.

#19,19a Assorted tail light lenses and cases - Some are bent and lenses either cracked or broken. Price- Make me an offer

#20.20a Pancake rear window motors - I have two I think and at least one works OK when it was tested for me before buying. The other was replaced and would need rebuilding. I remember that one motor went. I bought two in case the other motor went. It never did. price- $50 ea

#21 Belt Guides? - I am not sure what to call them, but I have them. I have no idea of what condition they are in other than I don't see any dents or cracks. price- Make an offer

#22 Shop Manuals - 5 books, I believe they are a complete set. One books cover got a little stained. Aside from that they appear to be in good shape. Price $100

#23 Bushings? - They are brand new out of the box. I can't remember what they were for, perhable the struts in front? but they were never used. Price- make an offer

#24 Rear side lens - I bought it used from and never put it in the car. Price-$15

#25 pitman Arm? - I think that's what it is. I bought it used and never used it. Price-$25

#25a Same Pitman arm with seat belt strap and clip, and Warrantee card. I think I still have the original Manual as well. Make an offer

#26 set of Upper ball joints/arms - I bought them just before the accident and never put them in. They are still in their original plastic wrap. I paid $250, Price -$175

#27,27a replacement for dash board lenses - My old one clouded up. I found this one in Pennsylvania in good condition. Never used it. Price -$50

#28 Clips - for door panels Price $3

#29 Mallory Unilite distributor - I used it for a few years in the car and replaced it with a traditional distributor that was modified for unilight. It should work fine. I may have the unilite module for it as well Price-$$50

#30 Esthetic parts for Cougar- Price- Make offers

#30b - More parts - Lens is broken, Make offers

#30c-#30m - All assorted parts, mostly replaced broken, or not functioning I do not know if the switches are good or if the horns work. I think the wiper motor is OK? make offers

#31 Radio amp and filters - Make offers

#32-extruded rubber weatherstripping kit for 72 Cougar - I never opened the box. It is in perfect condition. Price-$50
#33 Car Cover - I bought it over 20 years ago. I think I used it twice. It's all rolled up and was too big to photograph. Price-$50

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What can you tell me about the clear plastic instrument panel windows (pics 27-img, 27a-img) (pics 34/45)? Are they completely clear? What are you asking for them?
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