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Nice doors $150 each
(skins have no bondo and the doors appear to have never been hit. The shells have some MINOR rush that could be fixed easily.)

COMPLETE XR7 Tach Dash with wood grain and all plastic trim $350

XR7 wiring harness with tach $250

Pair of black standard door panels $60

Door handles (interior) $5 each

complete center console out of 4 speed car in great shape $250

Windshield Pillar Moldings $25 each

Top metal dash with speaker holes $10

Nice radio bezel $30

complete tail light assmemblies $30

3 spoke steering wheel $200 (very nice shape)

chrome window crank bezels $10 each

rear window with defroster $150

door glass in tracks $35 each or $50 for the pair

1/4 glass $20 each

1/4 glass to door glass stainless moldings $25 each

Window felts with top stainless door molding $25 each

very nice hood $150

Nice trunk Lid $50

side grilles $10 each $15 for the pair

rear side marker light assemblies $10 each

window regulators $25 each

very useable pass side fender $75

windshield $75

nice xr7 pass. bucket seat $40

rear window molding set $30

front window molding set $40

1/4 window boomerang moldings $10

top roof moldings $15 each

exterior door handle assemblies $5

glove box door w/ xr7 badge $10

pass side dash handle $10

internal door parts -- email for specifics

hood latch assembly $10

rear seat $20

1/4 panels (straight, need to be patched behind wheel below body line) $50 each

gas tank $50

clutch/brake/gas pedal/rod setup out of 4 speed car (to convert from automatic) $500

air celaner from 351c 4v $40

washer bottle $10

complete front disc brake setup $325

Complete power steering setup $225

9" rear complete $250

E-mail me at [email protected] if you have any interest in the parts listed above. The more you buy, the better a deal I will try make.

Thank You,
Ted Young

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Point to remember about door glass!

When shopping for door glass for your Cat, remember that it is the same as Mustang of the same body style (at least for 71-73). Hardtop/hardtop, conv't/conv't.

Now, for one other very important note!!:
Power window glass is different than manual window glass! Power glass will have a circular cutout in the bottom edge portion of the glass where it is clearanced for the power window motor! Sure, you can use p/w glass on a manual window car with no problem, just don't try it the other way 'round!

* Sidenote here... since power windows were a somewhat rare option for Mustangs and Cougars, power glass is a lot more rare than standard glass and is worth much, much more on the used parts market! If'n you find some power glass, consider it gold!
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