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This just in! Got excited when I saw they were in Hillsboro but alas, not Hillsboro or... Hope someone here can use them! Don

I have a pair of Cougars that I purchased/inherited from my Fathers estate. And of the 50+ vehicles that I acquired, I really DON'T see me getting around to repairing/restoring either or both of these. While life here consists of just my son & myself, I possess several pairs of vehicles. This was perfect for a super fanatical Car Crazy guy like myself. My first car was a '67 Cougar, 289, 2v, fmx, ps, pb floor shift w/Bench seat !!

These cars were both wrecked when my father bought them in the early-mid seventies. I did drive both vehicles on/off trailers & in/out of the barns we had, so the damage wasn't that severe, but they were totals for early 70's standards.
'71 coupe, 351C, 2v, auto floor, a/c, ps,pb, white partial vinyl roof on dk green paint, full dark green interior w/buckets. 14" steel rims w/caps missing. Damage is Frt bumper, mostly grill, header panel, & maybe a fender. I honestly looked at them lately.
'73 Coupe XR-7, 351C-2V, auto/console, a/c, ps, pb, dk/tan full vinyl roof on Butterscotch paint, Full tan deluxe(XR-7 duh?) interior. 14" rims & maybe a few caps. Damage here is drivers side grille pushed mostly straight fender into door affectively its opening/closing with fender/door clearance damage. door won't open fully or close completely, ergo after some noisy trespassers & critters, inside was perfect, don't know now. It has sunk since being parked over 20, maybe 30 years ago. Oh this one has a little rear qtr damage as well. all damage is drvrs side. but again both vehicles were drivable just get the door shut on the '73.

the green one-71, rolled when iot was moved 4-5 years ago. I just can't fit in them anymore & have other higher priorities like '39 Pontiac Cpe, '37 Willy's, '69 Chevelle Conv't w/3 on tree, '65 Imperial Crown Cpe 2dr ht, etc.

If seriously interested, I'll work on some photos. They are in South Central Ohio, 40 minutes from the interstate. Both vehicles are COMPLETE !! they haven't been stripped by thieves, to the best of my knowledge, so radiators, compressors, alts, ps pumps, air filter housings, & all interior trim is where it should be (I hope). the '71 was am radio & the '73 had am/fm I believe. Neither had a tape deck.
Also, I don't expect to put my Autistic son through College with the sale of these two Cats. I would like to get something in the 4 digit range though ($x,xxx.xx), for the two of them combined. Both have clear titles.

If I have forgotten anything let me know (I know, PICS!!) but if you are salivating over these two, let me know.
My arthritis has slowed me down considerably (severely) so these need to sold along with these pairs of :
Mercedes Benz- '77 240D & '73 450 SEL
Porsche 914- mid '70s
Beemer/Bug '84 533i/'65 Beetle
K-20 Chevy P-ups- '74 & '77
'73 Chargers- SE - ht
Chargers - '66 & '67
'68 Polara 2d HT- bb&sb
Trans Am's '75 & '74
Mopar F/S SUV- '79 Trailduster & '92 Ramcharger

and more......Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Phill Darnell
Hillsboro, Ohio
[email protected]
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