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71-73 Console Clock

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Anyone have any restoration work done on their 71-73 console clock? Where did you send it out or what did you do to get it working again?

Mine's not working but looks pretty clean.
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I have had a few clocks restored by Palo Alto Speedometer in Palo Alto, CA. One of them is still running great 10 years later ('69 Mark III), the other has been running great for about 5 years now ('73 Marquis). Both cars are rarely driven, and the clocks are keeping amazingly accurate time with the newer quartz movements installed. The movements have a smooth second hand movement, which is great. Not cheap, though. I recall about $130 or so for the last one.
Thanks for the info! Will have to check them out.

Got a pic of that '73 Marquis? The Marquis make has always been one of my favorites starting with '72 all the way through 77!

Good choice of cars!
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I recently went through this with the clock for my ’73. Ultimately, I ended up with replacing the movement and the lens myself – total cost at just under $110. I discovered that E-bay had a NOS clock movement for a 71-73 Mustang. I lost the bidding the first time around, but was later able to pick up the same item for the entry bid of $80. The fellow that sells them is skybob1. After my purchase, skybob1 is now aware that the same clock movement can also be used for Cougars – he raised his base price to $90, but offers buy-it-now for 99.95. I also learned that a lens for a ‘mustang’ clock can be had for about $20.<o:p></o:p>
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There are other options – try Bob McMullen, aka Rocketman at . He is really very helpful and may be able to repair or determine the problem with your clock – he only charges you if he fixes your clock. Another option is that ISI will rebuild your clock with a quartz movement for $120 (+$15 ship). Clock4cars recently sold a rebuilt (quartz) clock on E-bay for 113.51.<o:p></o:p>
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Happy hunting.<o:p></o:p>
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