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Rare event when a new 71-73 part is released! I like this one, bugs me to see that little elbow bracket missing on 90% of 71-3 Mustang's and Cougar's.

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Online Store :: Engine :: 1971-73 Battery Hold Down Kit - Repro

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I was thrilled when we got in this new reproduction kit on 12-20-06! We are one of the very first to offer the kit with a concours correct elbow bracket. The stamped steel elbow bracket attaches to the top of the battery bracket closest to the apron and then bolts to the apron itself. Most people do not even know this part is missing as they have never seen one before. The plastic battery hold down bracket even has the correct D0OB-10755-A Ford part number on the bottom side. Very nice kit at a reasonable price.

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Usually ships in 2-3 business days.

1971-73 Battery Hold Down Kit - Repro 71bathld
Regular price: $33.00
Sale price: $29.00
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