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Here's my 1970 XR7, I bought it about a year ago. The guy who was fixing it up passed away unexpectedly and so the person selling it didn't have any information on the vehicle besides "I think it has a new engine and transmission, I think it's got this blah blah blah". Me "Do you have any documentation?", Him "No". But I love the car. Had to replace the brake master cylinder - here's where I found out the guy who was fixing it was a welder - the rear axle was damaged and he welded in "new" material to fill in and try to make it a smooth circle. My mechanic laughed at this and said "No warranty on the rear seals". Also replaced coil spring seats (one was just a twisted peice of rusted metal serving no purpose at all), and the radiator. Car has as a little bondo on the rear quarters (which i plan on having cut out at the character line) and rust on the back window bottom corners (which looks like a pain in the a$$ to fix - anybody have any experience with it?) VIN 0F93M540743, was originally "Avacado Metallic Green" and is now Dark Green, power steering and power windows (which work great). That's the story humble and true, break it to pieces and mend it with glue.


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