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Hello. A few 70 Parts to offer:

70 Grill Halves: salvaged 20+ years ago from cars w/o major front end damage. Have had them stored in my barn loft. The chrome is in decent, but not perfect, condition & there will by some minor pitting on the inner sides of the vertical cast ribs. Cast bucket frames are not broken where the headlight trim ring springs attach. The rag-joint shaft is included with each assy. Asking $160 per half w/ Headlight Buckets & Trim Rings. Asking $150 per half w/o Headlight Buckets & Trim Rings. Pics Link:

70 Hood Latch & Mount Bracket assy: no damage or visible wear from hood misalignment. Asking $30. Pics Link:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com

<o:p>69-70 Seat Tracks:</o:p> good over-all condition w/ good nylon slides. All of the mounting studs are straight, tight, & have good threads with a fair amount of grey phosphate plating remaining on them. The turnbuckle adjustment linkage is not pictured, but is included. Could be greased and used as-is, or cleaned & detailed for show. Asking $30 per pair. Pics Link:<o:p> </o:p>

70 NOS Rt. Fender “Radiator Support Extension (D0WY-16C152-A)” This is the front fender inner structure that houses the headlight bucket and mounts to the radiator support. The NOS, service fenders: DOWY-16005/6-A generally do not have this piece spot welded in place.
Asking $75. Pics Link:<o:p></o:p>

69-70 Convertible Windshield Stainless & ‘A’ Pillar Interior Trim: Have a mix of exterior stainless trim that will make one complete windshield set. Aside of the set, have (2) sets of exterior header trim, along with (2) pieces of left exterior ‘A’ pillar trim. As for Interior ‘A’ pillar trim: (1) Left & (2) Right side pieces that are w/o damage & Black in color. I also have a couple of interior headers that are not pictured. Pics Link:<o:p></o:p>

Please contact me with questions, FMI, or for more pics. Contact by phone or e-mail is best. UPS or USPS is generally used as a means of transportation, and I normally ship items once a week; on Tuesday or Friday. Thanks.<o:p> </o:p>

765-674-4079 (evenings/weekends)
765-661-3078 (Verizon)
[email protected]
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